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Now I have a project writing a blog about Business, government publication and anouncement.

I want to write. I had the idea of creating a new blog to write articles, reviews and tips. Now, I know I haven't done much regarding journalism but I was thinking maybe, if I could try doing it myself first, I could try taking a road to journalism. After all, there's no luck of me being an author.

I feeling rather unloved lately too. I always knew nobody on Tumblr really paid attention to my stuff but when I asked for people to check out my book, nobody did. I tried so hard and just wrote the prologue to the sequel too. It only has 6 views. I had asked Tumlbr, Twitter and Facebook for people to check it out, but no one did. How can I ever hope to become an author if people won't even look at my stuff online? I even asked for advice about this new blog idea but nobody answered.

I always see these signal boosted stuff about people's works and I'm thinking; how did they do that? Did they have Tumblr friends? I would totally be friends with people but they just don't want to know. I even joined a Tumblr network but that was a waste of time. After all, I haven't heard anything from them and they haven't reblogged any of my original stuff.

I give up with this world. Seriously. I'm just going to have to settle for a low paying job, which I can't seem to get and give up on my dreams altogether. After all, people don't get published until later in their lives and I'm not giving up a job for a dream that isn't going to happen. The only jobs that match my qualifications are, in fairness, higher paying than retail but I don't fancy working in an office.

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